Room Heaters

A 2000 watt room heater can heat up to 200 sq. Ft. area of a room. So you will need 10 watt per square feet of area. Find your room areal by length into breadth

1. Orpat OPH-1240 1800-Watt PTC Heater (Grey White)

PTC heaters use resistance wire to generate heat. PTC devices do not burn oxygen making them safer to used in controlled environments.


  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • Room Size: Upto 250 sq ft
  • 2 heat setting-1200 watts and 1800 watts
  • PTC ceramic heating element
  • Over heat auto cut-off protection
  • Wide angel auto oscillation function


  • 3.6 Out of 5

2. Bajaj Blow Hot Fan Room Heater

Keep your living space warm and cosy during winters with this room heater from the house of Bajaj. Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, this fan-based heater will keep you and your room warm and snug all night long.


  • Fan-based Heating
  • This room heater is equipped with a fan-based heating technique that makes sure you remain comfortable during the cold winter season
  • Overheat Protection The automatic thermal cut-off feature inhibits overheating and other mishaps while in use.


  • 3.7 Out of 5

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